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Naturally, you want to know whether my freelance copywriting experience will benefit you and improve your marketing ROI. With that in mind here's a sampling of the copywriting pieces, articles, and content that I have created for various clients arranged by copy category and type.

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Ad Copy:

Why do I need a Portable Fire Extinguisher?
Is your Fire Protection Equipment Ready for a Fire?
2012 Life-Energy Conference
Gentlemen Start Your Energies

Direct Mail Packages:

French Restaurant Direct Marketing Copy
NFPA Direct Mail Package
NFPA Direct Mail Package - NFCSS ALL Access
NFPA Direct Mail Letter 2014 NEC Training


Forensic Engineering - An In-Depth Look - because of volume, materials available on request

Technical Articles:

“Are You Safe At Four Feet?” presented at the NFPA World Safety Conference & Exposition in June, 2006
The Case of the Deadly Ground Wire
Arc flash: Six questions you better be able to answer

Technical White Papers:

Food Processing without Contamination during Construction
Hygienic Segregation Design is the Key to Integrated Food Safety


Forensic Engineering: Is it for you?
7 Mistakes Expert Witnesses Make
Is the Paper Monster Destroying Your Life?
To Kindle or Not to Kindle

Press Release

Brite Future Electric Press Release
Kiwanis 2019 Golf Round-up


If Warren Buffet is Concerned, Shouldn't you be?
Are You a Victim of ATM Blackmail?

Real Estate

Castle or Prison?

Fund Raising

Toss a Starfish back in the Ocean
Because of You Mary Alice can go out.


Heat Up Your Business with Warm Calling


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Print copies only

The Role Of Electrostatic Induction In Overhead Transmission Line Design

NFPA 70E: A comparison of Recent Editions- Is electrical worker safety affected by recent revisions to this industry standard? EC&M, August 2010.

Forensic Casebook: "Case of the Missing Ground Wire," EC&M Magazine, Nov 22, 2011

“Anticipating Transmission Issues When Siting Merchant Power Plants,” American Power Conference, Chicago, April 2001

“PLADES2000: Reengineering the Plant Design and Project Management Process,” (co-author)

Sargent & Lundy Fossil Generation Conference, Spring 1994

“Control Wiring Diagrams: The Need, The Benefits, and The Implementation,” (co-author),

American Power Conference, Chicago, Illinois, Spring 1989

“Electrical Documents to Support Power Generating Station Operation, Maintenance, Training, and Modifications,” (co-author),

American Power Conference, Chicago, Illinois, Spring 1988

"Electrical Load Monitoring System" (co-author), American Power Conference, Chicago, Illinois, Spring 1987

“High-Voltage DC,” Sargent & Lundy 1984 Transmission & Substation Conference

“The Impact of Shunt Capacitor Installations on the Application of Substation Equipment,” Sargent & Lundy 1980 Transmission & Substation Conference

"The Impact of Shunt Capacitor Installations on Power Circuit Breaker Application" (co-author), Proceedings of IEEE Winter Power Conference, 1979

“Shunt Reactor Application”, Sargent & Lundy 1978 Transmission and Substation Conference

“Calculating Unit Auxiliary Transformer Short Circuit Duty”, The Line Magazine, 1977

"Through-Fault Capability Requirements of Unit Auxiliary Transformers," Proceedings of IEEE Winter Power Conference, 1976

"Disturbance Dependent Electromechanical Equivalents for Transient Stability Studies," Proceedings of IEEE Winter Power Conference, 1975

“The Role of Electrostatic Induction in Overhead Transmission Line Design”, Minnesota Power System Conference, 1975

"EHV & UHV Electrostatic Effects: Simplified Design Calculations and Preventative Measures," Proceedings of IEEE Winter Power Conference, 1975

“Evaluation of Diesel-driven Generators for Starting an Isolated System of Motor-driven Equipment”, Proceedings of the IEEE Summer Power Conference, 1972

“Induction Motor Starting Calculations”, American Power Conference, 1971

“Mathematical Models and Computing Techniques for Generator and Transmission Line Voltages following Load Rejection”, IEEE PICA Conference, 1969