Why Choose Me as Your B2B Copy/Content Writer?

Yes, why Me Versus the competition?

Why should you hire me to write industrial B2B content and other marketing copy for you instead of the other writers clamoring for your work? Well, here are a number of factors that differentiate me from most copy/content writers.


My focus is on copy/content for the industrial/energy sector - industrial equipment manufacturers, architect/engineer firms, consulting firms, electrical utility issues, electrical safety, forensic engineering. By using the marketing materials that I help them create, these companies succeed and increase profits.

Strong Industry Experience

My training and experience are in electrical power engineering consulting. For many years I prepared proposals to win engineering projects and presented them to client management. As part of this work I wrote and published over a dozen peer reviewed technical papers demonstrating the thought leadership of the company I worked for. As part of this work I developed economic feasibility studies to justify specific design options. So, I understand sales and marketing.

I'm an Engineer

I'm a practicing engineer with a background in electrical power consulting and forensic engineering. Both of theses occupations involved a lot of writing - technical papers, specifications, client presentations, management briefings and technical talks at professional industry conferences. Before I started my own company in 2001 I was the go-to-guy for written marketing content materials for the electrical department of the large midwest A/E company I worked for.

I do not Require Handholding

Because I'm an engineer and an experienced copy/content writer I can quickly understand and grasp what your product or service offers your customers. Therefore, I don't need a lot of handholding and can work directly with your Subject Matter Experts. This should free you up to attend to other matters and make your life a little easier.

Author of Technical Papers

I authored or co-authored over a dozen peer reviewed technical papers that were published in respected industry journals intended for engineers and other technical personnel. After I started my own company I wrote a number of technical articles for trade magazines geared to management and decision makers. So, I understand how to convert Engineerlish into English that management can understand.

University Teaching Experience

For five years I taught graduate and undergraduate engineering courses in the evening division of the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. This teaching experience honed my ability to explain complex issues in simple to understand terms.

Expert Reports for Electrical Accident and Equipment Malfunction Legal Cases

Working with attorneys and insurance companies I wrote expert reports for legal cases that could be introduced as expert testimony in court. These reports, often covering complex electrical system problems, had to be understandable to the judge and members of the jury. This built on my teaching experience in presenting complex issues in layman's terms.

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Best Paper Award

Th IEEE TRansformer Committee presented me with a best paper award for a technical paper on the short circuit duty imposed on Unit Auxiliary Transformers at generating stations. As one of the committee members put it, "This was a paper that needed to be written."

I'm Listed in The Who's Who in Illinois Engineering

So, now you know why you should hire me to write your B2B copy/content. Let's talk about your project. You can reach me at 847-989-5517 or tom@thetommccauley.com