You Want to Make Your Marketing Life Easier.  But How?

Easier Would be Better? Yes?

So Let's Look at Your Marketing Life ?

Your Schedule


You came in early and leave late.  You eat at your desk.  Sometimes you work weekends.  Your day is full of meetings some of which just take time away from what you really need to be doing.  


You're constantly asked to change your campaign because someone uostairs had a better idea but they don't chenge the schedule. You get frustrated becasue you know wnhat needs to be done but sometimes don't have the resources to do it.


But you're a marketing professional and you charge ahead because you know your boss and the sales force depend on you to generate the leads to grow the business and increase its profitability. 

You have a tough job, don’t you?

What could you do to make it easier? I'll get to that in a moment but first let's look at the other aspects of your marketing job.

Your Activities

Your have a team working with you to create your marketing campaigns.  Sometimes it's a team of one - you.

You must manage the activities of your team- the graphic artists, the copywriters, the freelancers, printers, TV stations, magazine editors and the client managers and keep them on schedule and budget  All of your team members want to do a good job but they see the job in different ways, which may notys be congruent.  Your job is to try to allign their energies to produce what you want.  It's a little like herding cats even if it's just you because of the various demands on your time.

Your Marketing Tools

Your final marketing product will be a combination of images and words.  Now we're told that an image is worth 1000 words.  This may be true but bottom line it's the words that sell your company's products or services.  So one of your key tools is copywriting.

Lke all of us business marketing people, you probably use a variety of B2B marketing copywriting materials including cold calling scripts, direct mail, hard copy print and web content. Maybe you write or revise these materials yourself in addition to all of the other things your boss expects you to do.  Or, you have BtoB copywriters on your team or at an agency do it for you.

If you have others do it, you need to find someone you believe can do it as well as you.  That’s not easy. But, if it goes out under your name, shouldn’t it be the best reflection of you?  Of course, it should. So, maybe you should just do it yourself. Which is fine if you have the time and the tools. And we've seen that you don't really have the time.

How I can Help Make Your Marketing Life Easier?

I can't help you with the time but I can help you with your marketing tools, specifically, your B2B copywriting. And the great thing for you is that you only pay when I work.  You don't need to give me an office, computer, desk, etc or pay me when things are quite. When you outsource to me I work on a project basis so your copywriting budget it will be under control. I also work to your schedule. That should make your life easier, don't you think?

Your Move to Make Your Life Easier

You can make your life easier by calling me now at 847-989-5517 to discuss your copywriting needs or by e-mailing me today at  You'll be glad you did.  And it won't cost you a peny. So don't wait.

So that I'll know it's from you, put "How to Make My Life Easier" as the subject.




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