Direct Response and B2B  Copywriting/Marketing

Guaranteed on Time and on Budget

Your Copywriting/Marketing Needs

As a marketing professional you're under a lot of pressure to produce leads and sales for your firm.

And you need to create hard hitting, effective marketing copy to do that. This could take the form of

direct response letters, white papers, case studies and web content.

You could undoubtedly do that yourself or have your in-house copywriters do it.  But since you're

here, I'm guessing that these options are not available.

Your're probably like most of your marketing colleagues who have the talent but are so busy

doing all of the other things your bosses want you to do that you just don't have time to write the


And if you are overworked and short of copywriting resources in-house that just increases the

pressure. You know you have to get it done - somehow. So, you need a freelance B2B copywriter,

at least, temporarily.

How Do You Find One?

You do what you did  - an Internet search for a freelance B2B copywriter. And you found my site 

that provides the information you need to retain me to create your B2B marketing materials. It 

presents my writing process, copywriting services offered, fee structure, background and samples 

of my writing.

Why Me?

1. I'm equally at home with direct response copywriting and content focused B2B copywriting. The

    technical aspects of B2B projects don't make me uncomfortable. I speak Engineerlish so I 

    understand how engineers think.

2.  And one of my main strengths is the ability to translate technical information in the direct

     response or B2B content worlds into English so that you and management can understand it

3. When you read  some of the direct response letters, white papers and articles in my 

    portfolio you'll see that I'm a pretty good writer and content creator with a fresh, conversational


    As Kate Greene of the  National Fire Protection Association said,

                 "Hi Tom! Great! They loved hearing a fresh voice!

4. Since I've held executive level posts in business, making decisions involving millions of 

    dollars, I understand how important budgets and schedules are in your world.

5. And I'm easy to work with.

Your Move

So now, it's up to you.

If you want to create great direct response letters or other B2B marketing pieces that will help you

and make your company more money, call me at 847-989-5517 or e-mail me at

You know from what you've seen on this site that it's the right service for you and that you'll be

taking the first step in making your life easier. So, go ahead.  Make the call.  You'll be glad you did.

 Jackie was:

 "Your responsiveness, understanding of the product, and overall service was excellent".

 - Jackie Burtle, HVB AE Power Systems, Inc. 

What Happens When You Call or E-mail Me?

  • You'll have a new resource to help you complete your B2B projects and make your company more profitable. That will make your life easier, won't it?
  • You'll look smart to your boss because you'll be using just-in-time resources (only paid when working).

What Happens If You Don't Call?

      If you don't call, you'll continue to have the same B2B copywriting problems that brought you to

      my site in the first place and I'm sure you don't want that.

So, Call Now for No-Surprise Copywriting Services 




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