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Le Bistro. French but How Good is it? Tonight Only – Special Offer to Find Out!

Hi foodie!

You’ll love my favorite restaurant, Le Bistro. How do I know this?

Le Bistro has all of the things you like in a restaurant and then some (hold this thought). Your favorite kind of menu – French; the crispy on the outside, soft on the inside bread that you like. Your favorite wines and cocktails. Great coffee – you can select the bean type and grind. Reasonable prices.

And the “then some” -- ITS QUIET. I don’t know how they’ve done it but at Le Bistro you can talk quietly even when it’s jammed on Saturday night. Le Bistro management has spent a lot of money to keep it quiet. Must be something to do with the wall hangings or draped ceiling finish they’ve added. Whatever – it works.

The ambiance is French but with the more contemporary look that you prefer. You’ll like the medium dark wood, etched glass, subdued lighting and the crisp white tablecloths and napkins – no crayons. Waiters dressed like those in Paris. Soft French music in the background - not threatening to cause you permanent hearing loss.

If you like to dress up when dining out. Go for it. The Bistro does not have a dress code but from the elegant way people dress you’d think they do,

So just imagine your feeling when you enter the wood-paneled foyer with street scenes from Montmartre etched into the glass panels in the doors. As you admire the tapestries depicting French hunting scenes, Edith Piaf softly sings “Non, je ne regrette rien…” in the background.

Henri, the maitre d’, greets you with a “Bon Soir”, and shows you to your table. He pulls back your high–backed wing chair and slides it in as you sit down. With a flourish, he snaps the crisp white napkin before placing it on your lap and handing you the leather-bound menu and wine list.

You’ll feel you’re dining in Paris.

Now you may think I’m a little biased but get this! Paul Franz, the food and wine critic of Chicago Magazine, recently reviewed Chicago French restaurants and he agrees with me.

Here’s what he said, “The lamb chops were done exactly as I requested – slightly pink in the middle, charred on the outside served with French beans prepared with pine nuts & mangoes drenched in olive oil - and garlic mashed potatoes with a sprig of parsley.

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