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My services are based on my engineering background and writing experience and will draw heavily on the technical knowledge of your Subject Matter Experts. Here is a brief list of the types of B2B content and the copy I can help you create to grow your business and increase your profits.

Case Studies

     Customer happiness reports. Describes how a customer used your product or service to enhance its business and their reaction to that experience. Geared towards decision-makers and procurement managers.    

White Papers

      Geared to decision makers.  Takes an industry problem your company can solve and demonstrates by comparison that your solution is one of the better if not the best. Not very salesy but effective in selling your product or service.    

Technical Paper

     This is usually pretty technical and geared to engineers. This might be a new approach your company has developed to solve an industry problem or an improvement on an existing solution that gives your company thought leadership in that part of the industry. 

Website Content

     Add a page or revise a page on an existing site or re-write the entire site. Geared to engineers or procurement managers.

Sales Letters

     Designed to sell a specific product to a specific target market. Geared to engineers and procurement managers.

Direct Response Letters/Packages

     If your product or service can be sold directly from a print or online advertisement then this would be what you would need. Geared to the direct customer for which this product is intended.

After your brief review of the services I can offer you, let's talk about your project to see how I can help you create the content you want.






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